VENT! Where and what to vent on?!!

What does one do when one has had enough of the horrible, disgraceful, dissrespectul, inhuman, hearless people in this world and wants to physcially vent-but has nothing that will stand up to one's karate skills and strengh?
I seriously need a punching-hittin-kickin bag!! Denting the walls in the apartment is just not the thing to do! Kickin and tearing up the doors is definately bad...and breaking a toe is not on my list of things to do with my anger!
I got my escrima sticks yesterday, the next weapons training class is Thursday, and it is an advance class. I dunno what to do with these till then and I wanna play with them!
The Semi drivers in this country have shit for brains. Not a day goes by that I do not get tail-gated by one. HELLO? If I get smooshed because of your aggressive driving I will sue to the full extent of the law! What is so important that they have to tail-gate a handicap transportation vehicle!!! Good goddess, having a CDL is supposed to mean you are a safer than normal driver, this does not apply now-a-days! You people are a disgrace!!
Well today is solar plexus day (part of the 21-day cleansing associated with being attuned to Reiki). I have a knot in my stomach and I am mad at the world (yeah big surprise there). My plants outside have been munched on by those stinkin ground hog babies...now I am out to get them. Look out, me and my trusty sling shot are gonna lump up some fuzzy asses!!!  *Insert Xena haller here* You'd think they would eat the foods in the woods THEY LIVE IN instead of MY flowers!!
My poly cats had a brush with death. I found out that they should be kept in a closed up and small container until they are at least 1 inch long otherwise they dehydrate super quickly (and the food dries out even quicker). So until they are bigger they are in a small herb greenhouse I bought from Menards some years ago. It's proven to be a great poly rearing container. I have 15 of the 24 left and 24 more eggs on the way. I WILL rear them all and I WILL get some silk from them and I WILL find a wild male to mate with the females!
Blech...too nice of a day to be dealing with superficial anger issues....blech...
I still have no desire to knit or spin. What ever shall I do....
Until next time...

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