Blogathon Post #1 What to do....

Well, I will be working mostly with my fleeces today. I need to dye up some more blue for the prayer shawl card it as it dries. I have plenty of laundry to attend too and once in a while I'll be poundin on the bag. Hopefully the BF will be heading out for coffee when he rises from the dead and I can ask him to stop at the bank to exchange some cash for quarters...which just happens to be right next to the coffee shop.

I ran and got my daily dose of caffeine this morning (they were super generous this morning with the portions!!) along with a half-pound of the house blend (fair-trade AND organic). I am gonna make 12 cups worth and then refrigerate it because I don't care for hot coffee. I am also counting on the BF to go to the West side of town today to check out the rock shop I just found out about yesterday called Granite Winds. They more of a metaphysical shop and know what most people want the rocks for (magic, usually). I would like some Infinite Healing stone chips if they have them to embed into a clay shawl closure I plan on making today out of poly clay. I suppose I will have to just shape it and then bake it when I get the rest of the materials I want. Anyways, I was saying I hope the BF goes out that way so he can stop and the seafood shop on the same side of town and get me three pounds worth of Mussels, with my cash of course because the man can never do anything for me, just for me, just because he loves me. What happened to Chivalry? It surely is dead in this household. Such a shame....oh well.

I'll have to set a timer for 30 minutes to remind me to post every half-hour because I tend to forget to do things....like turn off the water in the tub when I am filling it up with hot water to clean some raw fleece in.....so far I have NARROWLY averted having a flood. When the tub is just about ready to overfill I usually get a flash of it in my head and I go running through this maze of a small apartment to save the day, just in time! LOL\

I do have Beauty and the Beast Season 2 to watch from Netflix. And if I run through that and get bored I can also go online to netflix and watch whatever there. I also have the online vampire game to attend to. Me get bored? I shouldn't!! I am pretty sure I will not be online tomorrow after this!

Until next time...

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