Blogathon Post #39 Almost there....

My butt hurts like you would not believe...I am so spacey....I am usually getting up at this time!

Some random chat chatter:

C4G> Must visit Rj Crapper...



If I don't wake up soon I'm gonna just write doctor's without borders one big bastard of a check and fall on the floor

I soooo totally agree<

Shiny> Lol

I say a paragraph, more like 3 sentences, and one didnt even make sense

Mine have been getting consecutively shorter and shorter


Hee, nonsense is always entertaining.<

Shiny> Ooh, right. Post. Brb.


Thanks Star!!!


np* WWTCK_Arthur is currently rocking to: Barry Manilow - Daybreak

I'm glad its not just me then

some are short though i am still trying to write my story

anyone know how the people doing the 48 chapters are getting on?


Im so happy this song is on

I like this song

Until next time...

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