Blogathon Post #4 A call FROM REGI!!

Holy Smokes! REGI called me back and they said they would be putting up a paypal donation button on the website. I really think they would benifit from this so that people can donate smaller amounts if they are unable to sponsor a bird for a donation. They are thrilled to be chosen for this! I got warm fuzzies!

My friend is blogging about PCOS: PolyCistic Ovarian Syndrom. I took the symptoms test on the website and out of 20 points I scored a 10.5....yikes! The symtoms being facial hair, excess wieght around the middle (obesity), dicolored skin patches (underarms and between folds), migraines (although I don't get them very often I have had them), anxiety, family history of Type 2 Diabeties (both parents), sever systic acne (just started to have a problem with that within the last six months on my BACK of all places), and of course no period for an exended amount of time or irregular bleeding that starts and stops intermittently. I really must mention this to my OBGYN next time I go which will be here soon if my period does not come. She can't do anything about it but maybe she can refer me to a doc who will treat a woman without health insurance. Although I do have health insurance that covers those parts...the government is not concerned with anything other than how well we can reproduce it seems as I cannot get government health care for anything other than OBGYN. Sickening.

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