New spinnings, a small Miracle, a frog?!

Lots of photos! We found a frog, A FROG, in our water oasis for the birds and other critters. Can you spot the frog? There are literally frogs coming out from the woods! We spotted another one, smaller one, yesterday coming out from the woods. Weird. I didn't think these frogs were terrestrial.
There is also a picture of the polyphemus cocoon I found which I boiled to unstick the silk from itself. Pretty and shiney stuff!!

There is a closeup of that loverly pink cotton and purple wool batt, and the resulting yarn. BTW, I am starting an etsy shop, this is listed for limited time for $5 at C4G2.etsy.com . I will probably have more on there in the coming weeks.

The little miracle is that a Monarch laid an egg, right in front of me, on the milkweed skins I was stripping for the fiber. I do it outside because the sap tends to stick to everything. The Monarch comes out of nowhere and flutters all around us (the BF was being curious about what I was doing so he saw it too), acted like it was gonna land on the stripped skins, then fluttered about some more. When she finally landed, she laid a single egg on a stripped skin hanging out off the edge of the container I had them in. Then she fluttered around and around acting like she was gonna land and do it again but never did. That single egg, the one I call Little Miracle, hatched Saterday and I am now raising one more Monarch. I though the Monarch breeding season was over. I guess not! I feel it was a special gift from the Monarch...and I wonder if she is one of the five I released several weeks ago? I'll never know for sure, but I can dream!

Until next time...

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