OMGoddess! I splurged!!

OMGoddess! I splurged!!
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OMGoddess look at all this fiber!!! What have I done!! This is all from an Ebay spurgle I had last week. If you want raw fiber, this is the time of year to look for some BIG deals! I have a total of 11 POUNDS of Llama fleece, some of which I am gonna have to dehair and wash because the dust gets to me. Then there is 2 pounds of Targee which is sooooooooooooooooooooo soft and lofty! It is just like the Merino I bought only a longer staple and less gunk. Fine wools are just dirtier because of the fineness I guess. WOW!!! Did I ever splurge! And there went the New Years Resolution right out the door! (Which was to use what I have BEFORE buying more-HA! Right...)
You can see the sheer volume of my stash next to my Louet S51 sitting right there! Yikes...where am I gonna stash all this! *faint* I need more Giant Ziplock bags!! Of which they have switched to the double-sipper on all of those storage bags and I like them a lot better. They are super easier to close than when they first came out (of which I still use).

We need rain. I am gonna do some drum magic and drum us up some rain. We need it badly.

Until the next spurge *sheez!*....

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