Tiny Toad

Tiny Toad
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I found this toad on top of our local ant hill as I prepared to water the garden. I usually don't use the tap because I collect rain water from the gutter spouts so that I do not use as much tap, but it has not rained in two weeks and none will be arriving soon so my rain-water supply is just about nil. This little guy is about as big as a thumb-nail and his size is easily seen when compaired to the hose there! WOW! Such a tiny critter! We have a lot of toads and frogs this year around our woodland area.

I have found it ironic to find this little guy because just the other day we found our resident wild, adult toad dead with no outward signs of trama. S/he left us with a gift and we have been blessed with Toad babay's!

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