WHEW!! What a Sunday!

Wow, Sunday was harsh for me. I went to bed after the blogathon (around 8AM-I think) and I only slept till just after Noon and I could not sleep anymore because of the heat and light of day. So I got up. My contact solution had not neutralized because it had not been (hydrogen peroxide) 6 hours or longer since I poured it, so I had to wait another hour and a half to put my contacts AKA "My Eyes" in. The BF had left to do whatever so I grabbed the two books I got from the library Compassionate Knitting and Mindful Knitting and went back to the bed to read. Some things I noted about these two books is one...they are by the same author which I had not noticed till I sat down to read them. Second is that Compassionate Knitting is actually a sequel to Mindful knitting had it has A LOT LESS information on the chosen mindful state of knitting. Mindful Knitting is the best one of the two with an introduction to meditating and what mindful knitting is and how to go about it. A good first part of the book is on this subject and I like Mindful Knitting better than the second book because of this information.

Sunday I was a walking ZOMBIE!! I could not sleep anymore than I had already so once my contact solution had neutralized I put my eyes in and went about what I usually do on a Sunday which is mostly crafting. Although I really did not have the energy to do much of anything I did make it to OTBP to gander at a zipper for a felted coin purse that I felted over the Blogathon. I haven't got a picture yet but I will soon. It was actually a swatch piece to see how a variegated batt would spin and knit up. It felted wonderfully and it is stripped with blue, purple, and turquoise. BTW, I start working at OTBP this Saterday! A little extra money...that I will probably put back into the shop (LMAO!!) but then I will use that money instead of my regular income, which is a good thing. I am gonna be sort on rent this time so I am gonna have to take out a pay day loan. I hate those things...once you start it's hard to get away from it. But what-cha gonna do? I gotta pay my half of the rent...everything else can wait.

I went to Hob Lob this morning to get a Hurricane lamp cover to protect the candle I have dedicated to my healing knittin's from the wind generated by the fans. I tried to light it yesterday and the darned thing kept melting just one side of the candle. This should solve that issue. I also got a frame for my current promotion photo to send to Mum. She really enjoys getting them. Speaking of Mum...she called over the weekend to let me know she got my package of goodies and the Forrest Canopy Shawl, but she said...it's super funny... "Next time make it bigger because this thing looks like it is supposed to hang off a size 2 person." LMFAO!!! I bought a zipper for my coin purse and I also got a thank you card for K.A. while I was there.

When Mum called Sunday (for the third time) I told her it is supposed to be small because it is just a shawlette meant for the shoulders!! LMAO!! Plus it stretches! *snicker* She is so funny. I did not have the patience to talk with her Sunday because I was very grumpy and easily irritated so we decided I would call her Monday instead after I got more sleep.

Speaking of sleep!! I slept better last night than I have in WEEKS!! I was so tired that I HURT ALL OVER! I slept hard and I slept all night without waking up once! I wonder if this will serve to "reset" my sleeping pattern? We shall see. I hope it does.

I actually woke up with cramps yesterday morning and I had started spot a little. The Mussels probably did that. Thanks goodness! I haven't cycled for three months since going off birth control, and I am not preggy (already tested for that-plus the BF is shooting blanks now so it's kinda impossible but I am paranoid when it comes a possible "accident"). Although the spotting was brief and it has already stopped with no continuation of the cycle. *siiiiiiiiiiiiigh* I am just about afriad at this point to go see the Doc about it.

Until next time...

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