Finished Shawl, Knittin for a Cause update!

Whew! I knitted on the shawl for an entire six hours streight while listening to Brother Odd on CD. I got it done and it is not blocking over at the LYS. The yarn is soooooooooooo soft!! The BF noted that it would make an excellant belly dancin skirt. Just add a few bells and jinga-jinga!

We have a day set for charity knittin at the LYS! Every Third Saterday! Today I even got a nice informative flyer done for customers.

I am trying my darnest to get others intersted in knittin or crochetin a square for an afghan. One of my coworkers stopped in (from the paratransit job) and got information on what she can knit and for whom in the charity ring. Sweet! She says she is so excited about it!

I got loaded up for my next store demo, an introduction (for me) into garment knitting. I am knitting a ruffled edge toddler sweater. Sweeet! But first, I need to get the red scarf done, spin some yarn for the Kimono wrap, AND finish the prayer shawl. All three have been on hold because I told the LYS that I would have the shawl done in a couple weeks and it ended up being three! EEP! I don't like sayin I will have something done at X time and not have it done by that time! So with that one outta the way, lets get the rest done too!

Thank Goddess it has stopped raining...if only for the weekend. They say this is the wettest August in Wisconsin's history!! I believe it! The dirt bike trails are just saturated! My bike is a mess and there is a thunkin noise that was not there before. HUmmmmm....

Until next time...

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