Goldenrod dyeings

It finally stopped rain long enough for the brush to dry and I was finally able to harvest some of the wild goldenrod that is in full bloom after all that rain. I harvested enough for myself and for my Fiber Frenzy pal. Her package is ready to go and as soon as I get a confirmation of the address I got from her I will send it out. The package weighs a good 3.5 pounds!! OYE!!! Flat-rate here I come!!

You know it rained for a good 6 days here in Wisconsin? OMG the skeeters populations exploded!! We are not used to so much water falling from the sky in such a short amount of time. People have flood damage where there should be no flooding and most home insurances do not cover it because we are not a state that floods all too often. We've got FEMA here trying to help those people left out in the cold by their insurance. Considering FEMA's recent failures not too sure what all they can do to help people here.

Anyhoo...back to dyeing.


Had the yarn sittin in a pot with 3/4 gallon of water (the pot was a bit smaller than I anticipated) with 2 tablespoons of Alum and 1 TEASPOON of Cream of Tarter. From the notes in my Dye Plants book (below) it looks like it has a ratio of 3 to 1 (alum to cream of tarter). It said to boil the flowers for an hour but another book I have (The Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing Book) says that flowers should not be boiled for that long because the color tends to get muddied. Wonderful. Well it boiled for a good 30-40 minutes before I read that so I took the pot off the burner and strained the plant material from the water.
From the looks of it (it is not done cooking yet) it looks like the yarn is gonna come out an antiqued yellow/tan.

While I was looking at the other book, I think I will try one of the beginner weavers projects...a tuffed rug made from fleece tuffs. Looks easy enough. Looks quick too. I can use that crap fleece I got from the sheep festival last year.

Speaking of the festival, it is coming up in two weeks and on payday weekend to boot!! I am so going out there again and takin my spinnin wheel with me to help the Pleasant Spinners guild spin up wool in a Sheep to Shawl demonstration. While I am there I will peruse the grounds and get lots of new pictures. I won't be bidding on any fleece this year since I was burned by it last year with the crap fleece. I got what I paid for, I'll admit that much.

Until next time...

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