Hot day for a ride...

I went over and cleaned the "church" for my work exchange and I biked over to boot. It wasn't so hot at 10AM this morning. But when I left around Noonish, boy was the sun comin down HARD! Since it was payday, I biked down to the bank (mostly uneventful except for the IGNORANT drivers who would rather turn in front of me instead of giving me the right away....while I walked my bike across the street in the CROSSWALK!!! *violently pulls hair out*), went down to pay off the payday loan place, went back down to the store (same area as the bank) bought myself some steak, and other essential things and came home. About 10 miles worth of bikin.

I have been craving red meat...ever since I got the sore arms from the 100 push up-athon. My body is just screaming for some protein and we have just about nothin but carbs in the house (bread, biscuts, sketti, taters). Oye with the carbs! I never thought I'd ever say this...but I am sick of nothin but carbs!!! BLECH!

About a third of the polys have emerged with none of them are mating and no wild males have flown in all week. I'm gonna try putting the females into one of the finch cages I have and see if any males attach themselves by morning.

The book on CD "Dark side of the Moon" is so flippin good!! I am lovin it! I can't stop listening!!

I think I will indulge and have a beer tonight. Technically it is the BF's for cookin brauts in, but I can buy more for his butt considering he came home, packed up for Indian Lake and left. Ho-hum...and he didn't want me to come along when I asked about coming along. Well Humph!! WTF. That will cost him a beer...or two. J-J-J-JADED!!!

I still need to get the fiber stuff together to send to my Fiber Frenzy person. Argh, so much to do! So little time in a day!!

Until next time...

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