Majestic Mountains Stole

Check out the Majestic Mountains Stole that incorperates a wonderful knit and beaded scene of mountains and evergreen trees! I so want that pattern but it is gonna have to wait a few weeks.

Gosh darned it...it is RAINING again! Now I saw a pattern with my email siggies...when I put something like "Bring on the Sun"...it was sunny and very warm for a very long time. When we needed rain, I put "Bring on the RAIN!" and the rain came. Now that the rain is here...and after we have already gotten more than enough I put "No more RAIN!" but it doesn't seem to be working because it keeps raining! I had planned on biking down to Savers to see if I could find a few decent dress-tops that are comfortable. They say it will stop raining sometime in the afternoon but by then I will need to travel to karate. Humph. There seems to be a lot of lightening with this batch of rain...one already hit close by. EEP!

My goldenrod dyeings came out a wierd shade of yellow....kinda reminds me of a yellow highlighter than has been muddied by black ink. Not really all that pleasing. I'll try overdyeing half of the yarn in walnut JUST to see what happens. :) It's all fun!

I added salt to my coffee grounds last night before going to bed. The Bf was a dear and agreed to put the pot in the fridge when he got up so I would have chilled coffee ready and waiting for me when I awoke. Damned katydid kept me up for several long, agonizing hours last night. I was sleeping quite well too!! Damned katydids!! Anyhoo...the salt, unbelievably, IMPROVED the flavor of the fair trade organic coffee I bought from Java Cat Cafe'!! I was shocked!! I just put a sprinkle, not very much at all. I can taste the salt, but it is not overly salty. I am in shock! And since we are out of coffee and flavored creamer, I added some evaporated milk instead just to try something new. It is GREAT!!

You know, I tried to defrag this frickin puter and it sat all night only to get 10% completed!!! I have seriously waited way too long to defrag...eeep!!

Okay the lightening is getting a little more frequent so I think I will get off the puter now. JEEZ! The lightening hits keeps getting closer!! EEEEEEeeeeeeep!!!


Until next time...

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