Mystery Shawl Progress and Flower Power

Here is my progress on the Mystery Shawl 5. I am LOVIN how the yarn is coming out!! It looks like rays of fall sunshine!! LOL

With the cooler temps my Morning Glories are in the mists of a flower-athon, racing to produce as many flowers as possible, it seems, before the first frost hits. This one is accented with rements of a soft, fall morning rain.

This week has been very hectic for me. The yarn shop called and asked if I could work twice a week between the routes of the other job for a couple of hours in addition to every Saterday. At first I thought they meant everyday and I just didn't think I would have the energy for it all. I think I can handle twice a week. Right now I am so worn out and tired. My driving job has been nerve-wracking as no one seems to have a sense of self-preservation...and seem to be absolutely bent on going around me-to get in front of me- to get no where quickly but race to the stop lights. *pulls hair out*

Then there is a new person who keeps wanting to be my friend, too much so, and my "freakdar" is buzzing. Just something about this person is not right and I trust my instincts and I have not been at all nice to the person. This company hires just about anyone, from what I have seen. Which just blows my mind considering what we do. Yesterday, this person came up to the van as I sat waiting for the school to let the kids out and started talking to me while I tried to pay attention to my knittings. Asking me a bunch of small talk questions...the same ones she asked two days ago. I don't want to talk. I want to knit because I get very little time the way it is now to knit. I totally gave the person the cold shoulder which is very uncharatistic of me, but something is not right with this one, so I am making a point to not be friendly. They probably think me a bitch. Oh well. Shit happens. I have had this fowl attitude all week. I need a break already! LOL

Until next time...

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  1. Yes, your shawl is coming out nice. When you posted the yarn I had doubts about the color, but now that I see it is very pretty. I think you said you dyed it, and what did you do to get it to stripe like that?


  2. I spun the dyed, carded wool in strips. I take part of each colored batt of wool, and pull it into roving then attach the next color (usually rubbing the join lightly between my hands to make 'em stick together) and keep pulling. When I have a huge pile of colored roving, I roll it all into a ball and start spinnin. :)


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