Have you seen the Moonlight?

I have and I gotta tell yeah...it really feels like the CBS series is moving waaaaay too quickly! The two main characters, "Beth" a tabloid reporter who was ironically saved by the same vampire "Mick" as a child (she was abducted by Mick's ex-vampire wife who planned on turning her into a vampire to create her perfect vampire "family"). But now Mick is telling her everything about himself and how he became the monster he is. Hey, his words...not mine! I personally think he is dreamy!

She already knows, in just the third episode, that he is a vampire! Actually she found out in the second episode and in the third she drums up some courage to move forward to learn more about his ailments. In this series, stakes only paralyzes a vampire. Only separating the head or death by burning inferno can kill them...or some nasty injury that taxes their super human healing abilities to the limit before they are able to replenish themselves with fresh blood. It is sooooooo the Kindred situation that never happened because of the little accident the lead actor had that killed his ass...and the series died with 'em. That sucked...big time...

Well anyhoo. I read on another website that they are already recasting three characters...Beth the reporter being one of them. I hate that. You establish the characters and then you change the actors on the fans. While the series is another promising vampire cop series, as is said elsewhere, there seems to be trouble afoot behind the scenes....already!? I just feel the stories are moving way too quickly. Next week, Beth gives herself to the vampire cop Mick in order to save him. We didn't run into this situation of Kindred until the end of the second season...12 episodes in!

But there is good news! The producer of the series "Angel", David Greenwalt, is "at the helm" which could open a whole new ballpark of vampire playgrounds that has not been touched since Angel ended some years ago. *licking lips and in spirit of Quagmire of The Family Guy* Heh-heh....OHHHhhhh yeeeeaaah!

However, on the down side, half of what he has produced since Angel has....failed to produce more than a short prime-time life span of less than two seasons.


I am starving for a new vampire series, and this one is a hit in my book...even with the fast paced story line thus far. The lead Aussie actor who plays "Mick" is majorly hot and sexy to boot, so that helps. *VBG* I sure hope to see a hell-of-a-lot more of him!!


Until next time...

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