I have a bone to pick...

The first two photos are the photos listed on ebay for a stretch to fit slipcover for a loveseat. Does it not look more red than brown? The listing described it as red-brown.

The second photo is what I got in the mail today. Is it not more brown than any shade of red?? The camera sees a tiny bit of red but what I am looking at is a dirt brown-even in full spectrum light.
I am very-very dissapointed and disgusted with this purchase. The seller is trying to convience me that what I have recieved is correct for the listing even going so far as to say that it was called "Plum" in the past and that the listing says this. Please, look at the listing by following the link above and tell me where it says this. It says this no where. Their listing is very misleading. The photos are what I want, red-brown. Not Chocolate-Brown.

Be advise and beware of user decoreen on ebay. Photos are no where near accurate and I dare to say they are doctored. If I cannot resolve this through the seller, I will take it up with ebay and paypal because I feel ripped-off.

Until next time...

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