Another winter storm & World of Warcraft

Well this time around we are expecting anywhere from 6-13 inches of snow. I have discovered and am playing often the World of Warcraft. I got curious, not I am hooked! LOL

If anyone plays world of warcraft, I am player Balechnay (pernounced Bay-lay-nay with the CH naselized-my made up name) who is an herbalist/Alchimest, my second character named Lathelanta is a leatherworker/skinner, and my third character Edeilla who will be a tailor/enchantor. If you need anything special I will curtainly try to oblige! I am on server Blade's Edge. This stuff is so addicted it ain't funny!

We had planned on going out for steak at Outbacks for Mikes B-day, but the roads are covered in a one inch thick layer of ice, the malls are closed, and the busses arn't running. Nope, it's a stay home be a game zombie type of day. Cheers! (clinks coffee cups)

My one Hunter character Balechnay has an Owl for a pet and I think it has been a good replacement for Merlin. It's helped me deal with the loss anyways.

I haven't done much crafting in the last week. I have been busy teaching tatting and knitting classes at the Yarnhouse....and getting sucked into Workd of Warcraft (WoW). I was on a ten day free trial and I lasted 5 days before I ran out to get the full version. You can't send/recieve mail, trade items, or create a party (group of folks fighting together). It's is a stupendous action/adventure game. I highly recommend it as the adventure never ceases!

(sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp...back into WoW I go!)

Here is a photo of Balechnay riding a critter across a sea and one photo with the owl.

Until next time...


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