Where have I been?

OYE! I almost don't have time for the internet anymore...except on snow days. I took the last snow day and spent it making those tutorials I had planned to do weeks ago. But as I explain in one, life has just been a wild ride since the new year.

My job at the yarn shop has really taken off and I love it.

My poor Birdie Merlin is dying. She seems to be hangin on for my sake, but I told her today she has my permission to leave for the Summer Lands. I will miss her, but her suffering is saddening me so much. I look after her and am spending as much time with her as possible and this usually means multi-tasking. Right now she is sitting on my bellay as I type. She has no chirp anymore, just a small squeak. She is weakening further everyday. *sigh* She is 6 years old and she has had a good run.

I went to Target today and purchased the HP All-in-One printer/copier/scanner I have been eyeballin for a while. Our old hand-me-down HP printer was on it's last leg. I love it and now I am able to scan in my tatted pieces! Trying to photograph them was becoming a real beatch. Check out the completed Floral bookmark! Snazy!

I am dived into the World of Warcraft online. I am totally workin out the 10 day trial. I'm not sure if I am gonna pay $30 for 60 days of "Service" or not...we'll have to see about that.

I added a Donation button to the top of the blog on the left side for those Youtubers who wish to make donations for my tutorial efforts. One lady said she would at least like to buy me a beer. Sweeet!! So that is what that there button is sittin there for. I will be keeping the donations exclusively for puter repair, updating, and up-keep for future tutorial makins.

Until next time...

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  1. Cool! You work in a yarn shop? That's every knitters wet dream. Good for you!

    I'm sorry to hear about your bird. I used to crack up when I'd hear her chirp during your videos. She always seemed to chirp right at the perfect spot. It's sad when pets die. I've said goodbye to guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, dogs, and fish. It always hurts, no matter how short the lifespan or how tiny the pet.


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