I've been painting!

Thought I would share my new found hobby, watercolor painting!
The first one I am still working on, a picture in progress as I learn the different skills needed to do what I want with it. It's a combination of two photographs taken at Indian Lake here in Wisconsin; one of a pinecone (close-up) & one of the lake.

The next one is "Brewing Desert Storm", a painted "sketching" in a regular ol sketch book before I decide to put it onto the not-so-cheap watercolor paper. The sky is more blue-grey than what my scanner picked up. It has a very personal meaning to me...hince the red snake. This mood & scene resulted from a happy accident I did while doing some "brush play".

Then there is my painting of an apple for learning shadows & learning how to paint 3-D objects (you can see the book I was referencing to as I was painting behind it). I really like the book Watercolor A New Beginning: A Holistic Approach to Painting by Ann K. Lindsay. Most everything I know I have learned from reading & doing the exercises (known as "brush play" in this book) provided.

The last one was an exercise proposed on the painting forum Wetcanvas (.com). It's called "Negative Painting" where you "carve" out shapes as you paint rather than doing a light sketch. It's a very spur-of-the-moment type of technique that drove me crazy! I don't think I will ever do this type of painting again, but I will love my new original piece of artwork that I can call my own. :) OMG! I just realized something!! There is a snake in BOTH my compositions!!! Okay, that's my trademark now...snakes. LMFAO!!

Until next time...

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