Watercolor Journal update...

Thought I would post an update on the making of my watercolor journal. I bought a ream of 100 pages of 100lb watercolor paper over the weekend & began making a hollow back-spin journal from the book Making & Keeping Creative Journals By Suzanne Tourtillott (published by Lark Books). I got it many years ago from a craft book club. I've made several of the journals in there with leather covers. This one will be leather as well. I just love the feel, look & smell of good ol'fashioned leather. I think I will use the deer hide I have left over from making a medicine bag for Mike some years ago. I should have enough. I chose to make the Hollow back because it opens wide & lays flat (so the book says).

The first photo shows the linen tape threaded through the signiture sewings (a signiture is a group of folded papers nested inside one-another. My signatures are three pages thick). I made them a little too narrow for the strips so two of them are partly folded under. That's ok. I'm not too worried about it. The linen tape helps to reinforce the binding & takes some of the stress of page turning off the paper. This used 36 pages of the watercolor paper to equal 72 pages (144 pages if I work both front & back of each page).

The second photo is the text block (a block of sewn signatures) being pressed between two hardwood panels (part of an old flower press, yes I made that too...LOL). The text block is pressed then PVA glue (archival) is pounded onto & inbetween the signitures. So while that dried, I cut out the bookboard & book cloth.

I'll post more as it progresses. I cannot wait to get out into the field & paint on-the-go. Of which is the matter of obtaining or making a travel kit for watercolor. I'm still researching that one, so, more to come on that I'm sure.

Until next time...

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  1. I get a lot of inspiration from the breadth of arts you enjoy. I had found some of your spinning videos and got some pretty good tips from those. Thanks.

  2. The bookbinding looks a great project, I'd like to have a go at that. I have at least two flower presses, plus an old printing/photographic plate press I could convert for use.

    Thanks for another great post.




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