My First Watercolor class...


I learned a lot more than I could have learned on my own in only two hours time. This is only the first of four more classes. The teacher is more than confident that we will put out a gallery quality watercolor painting by the end of the five weeks. I'm thinkin, ALL RIGHT! Let's do it!

We learned how to do an even flat wash without making a tide line (a line of dried up excess watercolor), how to find a quality brush (not nessecarily expensive), paper, & even how to make our own brush & journal tote. Guess what I'mma be workin on? You guessed it! Only I want mine to be leather....of course. Might take a trip to the leather store in Baraboo & get a fresh dear or horse hide. Then she taught us about cool & warm colors & how they effect perspective. Something looks a little flat? Need to cool it off, she said. Cool colors make things look like they are fading into the distance while warm colors bring things more to the front. Neat aye?! So the two examples from her first beginners class she dragged out...& boy where they fantastic! First time painters painted these, she told us. No prier artistic knowledge or experience. WOW! I tell you what, it was hard to believe because I would have expected them to be framed & hung in a gallery to sell for hundreds!! That good. She told us about the Amyrilus & how the lady could not get the center of it to her liking. Teach suggested that she add cool colors to the center & it made it look like it was further into the distace. Makes the viewer feel like a humming bird coming in for a drink, boy-howdy!

Our homework is to find a flower we like so we can work learning how to paint it next week. So I am rummageing through all my photo cd's to find something I adore. She warned us about using someone elses photograph, & if we decided we wanted to paint something from someone elses photo that we had to make a reference note of that on our finished painting. Because, she told us, if you were to enter your finished painting into a contest & you won first prize, the owner of the photo could come looking for you to sue the pants off yea. Wow, ouch.

Crazy. Well I have no worries, I've got plenty of my own nature photo's to choose from thankfully. I will have to go & get different paper though. We found out that the paper I bought was a rough grade, so the texture would be different. Well, so I'll do two paintings, one on rough & one on smooth...but nessecarily both of the same thing.

I was shocked at the number of people that came to the class whom I knew. Strange how things like this work out. Next time I think I am gonna bring my voice recorder...so much information...so little space in da'brain to store it!! LMAO!

Until next time...

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  1. hi
    i have found your tutorials on you tube and ended up here on your blog.
    I too am a bouncing crafter and like to have a cuddle with tree's.
    Coming form Dorset in England i am seen as a bit of an eccentric with my beliefs and doings.
    Have fun with all the new things you are learning and going to pass on to all you meet.
    Bright blessings
    Mega (pronounced mee-gar)


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