Long time no see!

If you haven't noticed, I've been hiding. Going through those "life changes" that happens every once in a while.

I've still been growing some food inside. I get the itch to grow something after the New Year, spring & cabin fever-n-all. At the moment, I grows me some butter-head lettuce, dandelion, chickweed & some cilantro for salad fixings. I've been dealing with a lot of fatigue of late, of which I have no issues with during the summer when the wild greens are ripe for the eating. So, I decided to grow me an indoor salad garden, full of all those helpful wild plants I seem to be missing in my diet.

I've really gotten back into painting as well. I've dived into acrylics and ATC (Artist Trading Cards). Funny thing about the ATC's. I keep seeing those ATC pre-cut blank cards at the art supply shops around town so I decided to check it out online. Lo & behold, I found atcsforall.com, of which I have dove right into as well. I have a new category on my flickr feed for the atc's that I make. You should check them out. It's really fun to make those small and quick peices of art, vs a larger painting.

Speaking of larger paintings...I have decided to try and paint the quarters. Maybe I will make me some ATC's first to try out some painting ideas. Nothing fancy me thinks. Just your basic earth, air, fire & water. I plan on displaying them in the living area, along with a painting or some other thing to represent Spirit to hang in the middle of the room from the ceiling. That sounds like fun!

While I am also doing those things, I am researching art for emotional therapy. There has been a great out-pouring of information based on personal experience over there at atcsforall. It's so much easier to discuss the subject with people who have had healing experiences through creative art projects rather than reading it from a boring book. Not that all books are boring, just that this subject matter only shows up in some really boring books that are more clinically based than personal based. What a snore.

Well, I can't promise I will update here on a regular basis, but you can also keep updated on me art projects through me flickr feeds.

Until next time...

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