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WOO HOO! A fresh template...ahhhhh. Can you feel the freshness?

I've been working more than ever on my art. I've created my first larger

canvas painting of my ATC "Wise Wommin's Blood". I know I should not have to say it, but I do claim

copyrights to it & the photo. *sigh* I've considered putting it up for sale or even painting more to sell.

Now, I am getting into art journaling. More for practicing technique & exploring new ways of expression than anything. I do believe that any act of creation creates positive change in a person.

These past couple of weeks have been challenging. My asthma has come back with a vengeance after I tried to start jog training with Intervals mix. I'm back on an inhaler for lung bubbles (as I call them). Is till walk/jog though. Not gonna let it take me down. I start out with only being able to job for 5-10 seconds at a time. I am now up to 30 seconds & working on 1 minute. Seems like such small measurements, but they are monumental strides for me.

My blood pressure is all over the board. Some days it's fine, other days it's so high I can feel my heart pumping in my chest & throughout my major arteries. I tried taking 3 different prescription HP meds, but they all made me feel so horrible that I was not getting out to exercise. What kind of medicine is that?! Fixes one problem but creates another! It's not & I opted to not take them. I am in control of my healthcare. Doctors don't always know best. Most are out for the big bucks of using refferal medications or new medications that have not had enough testing time before going to market. Our healthcare system is broken.

I'm taking a few herbal supplements along with flax seed oil & omega oils (both organic from the local coop) & I am committed to walking at least three days a week if it is not too hot or muggy outside. High humidity makes me feel like I am suffocating so I stay inside with AC on.

I've discovered this "Redbox" machine at the local Walgreens not far from home. Rent any movie just $1 (plus tax, phoowie) a night. For real! I rented two movies over the weekend from it. Legion...which was a weird ass movie with a poorly written storyline (IMHO). The basis seems like a great story, but the movie was not all that great. Then Sherlock Holmes. WOW! I loved that! So there is an excuse to get my ass out the door! LOL

I even bought "special" shoes for cross-training, but I soon experienced my feet going numb & my legs cramping like I have never felt before. So, back those went & in exchange got a different brand of "running" shoes which do not put my feet to sleep. They were even $20 cheaper than the pair I first bought. Imagine that. Cheaper AND more comfortable....but alas, also imported. I try to buy New Balance when I can because they are made in the US. However, I will NEVER-EVER buy Nike. I will not support how they are made. My mother loves Nike, but she also knows not about the suffering behind the shoes. She chooses to ignore the facts. *sigh*

Until next time...

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