Block Swap! A year in quilt blocks.

One of my dear friends and I are going to do a calendar quilt block exchange! Each month we will each make a block of our choosing and send it to the other. By next July we will have enough blocks to make a lap quilt, the border, backing and sashing (if any) will be done on our own. We first decided on 6" blocks to leave room for sashing, but we both found it quite difficult to find patterns that small. So we upped it to 12". That opened up all sorts of possibilities!

This is so exciting! I've delved into the world of quilting and have taken to it with the skill and adeptness that I usually do with any new crafting adventure. I love applique as well. There is just something soothing, maybe  a bit of cellular memory there from generations past that makes sewing something by hand feel good. It's extremely relaxing for me. My first applique project has left me searching for my next one. A lot of books I am coming across feature machine applique. Which is all fine and dandy but machine applique takes the fun out of it for me.

I'm still working on finishing that first quilting project.

But for now, a July block is in need of making! So I have chosen to make this one in reds, oranges and yellows:

For those mobile browsers we have the wonderful QR code. Gotta love smart phone technology!

I had also considered doing Summer Winds:

but it may be just a little more complicated than I care for. I might try to make it anyways. It's very much speaks to what it is like right now. Hot, sticky, sweaty, and just awful. We're all hoping for some rain to break this heat wave.

As soon as I have the block done I shall share a photo of that and of the one that will arrive from my dear friend. 

I love swaps like this. Finding dependable, dedicated swappers is the challenge.

I also love to do Art Journal round robbins with one or more people. We send each other our hand-made journals, add some artwork to one or more pages, and send it back. Doing this until the book is full. Making them is fun as well. I have way too many of them. I really need more art journal swappers. 

Until next time...

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