Mugrug! One down...a million projects to go

 I never knew making a mug rug would be so effin fun!! This is not my first but second one. The first one was so sloppy looking that I saved it to use on my desk as a coaster. I actually have grown to love it.
The one pictured here is my first paper pieced project. That was fun!! Then, while quilting it, I had planned to make a straight cross hatch pattern but then one of my lines went wonky on me. As I was preparing to rip it out, I looked at it at arms length and decided "Hey! That looks awesome with that leaf print! It looks like wind lines!" And so I did rip out the stitching and replaced it with wavy lines that goes all to perfectly with the leaf print. It's gonna be hard to let this one go, for the Fall inspired Mug Rug Swap, but it will be a lesson in letting go me thinks. I have a photo, why do I need to keep it? I have another one to make for my swap partner that is also another paper pieced block (because they are fun!!) and then a million other projects to do like getting this months Calendar block made and finishing that quilt. BTW, I did take it with me to the Baby Shower even though it was not finished and even though it wasn't, it was loved by all in attendance.  I still have quite a bit of quilting to get done on it and need to get the binding sewn on.

Here are some links I stumbled across this past week:
Sew Hooked Paper Piecing Patterns (free)
Diamond 4 Patch (used for the mug rug)

And I am pondering taking this Craftsy class on quilting big projects on a small machine. I have a coupon for ten dollars off but that will have to wait for another payday. Rent took all my money this week. Rent is too damn high!! If rent was more reasonable we wouldn't have poverty...but that is another rant for another day.

You know, I am finding that Blogger is not photo posting friendly, It's really quite a struggle to get all the photo's aligned with the text the way I want it. Blogger should really consider doing something about that before I move to a different platform, like wordpress.
  I like having my words next to my photos. The next photo was an idea I saw out of a magazine I cannot check out yet at the library, the current issue "Love of Quilting". I might actually get a subscription to that one. I really love what they have offered over the last couple of editions. I thought the idea of using pillow cases to store finished quilts was a FANTASTIC idea! Why didn't I think of that!! The second hand stores always have a surplus of pillow cases, or I could make my own, but why would I when I can go get one for a fraction of the cost of the fabric I would use to make one?
This sunset photo was taken earlier this week. The camera did not pick up all the purples that where there. You should have seen it! I saw it from the checkout line at Party City (where I was buying some costume elements) and looked out the door to see this. I left the line to take a photo. LOLz!

And this week, since we are having some crazy warm temps for this time of year, I fired up the rocket stove for the first time and cooked me a bacon wrapped sirloin with red potatoes in a hobo packet. It was DELICIOUS! I added some liquid smoke to the packet along with some soy and pepper. Om nom nom!!

And while on a walk through one of my favorite stomping grounds, Leapold Nature Center, it looked like they had set up for a wedding. I thought to myself, this will be for me one of these days. This is what I want, a simple outdoor wedding, when that day comes.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. Nice mug rug! And a great idea to try out paper piecing on one- I may have to give that a try too!

    Whoop whoop for you!!


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