Fat Quarter Giveaway and Vday Treats for Me, Myself, And I...

Thought you would enjoy a delicious picture of what I am giving away. I had considered making this open to only the US, since shipping costs elsewhere have SKY-ROCKETED. 

But, I decided not to this time. Future ones will probably be limited to US only because of those outragious shipping costs. I don't remember it costing so much to send to other places of the world. It really kind of isolates everyone, which is a bad thing. 

Om nom nom free fabric...om nom nom

To get an entry into this humble give-away of min in celebration of my first blog hop participation, visit that post and leave a comment. :)

I'm really tired today. My sciatica has been giving me trouble after my last adjustment. I wasn't having any pain UNTIL I went in for an adjustment of my upper spine. It's normally not a problem but something she did made everything not sit right. They are closed until Monday. Blurg. Luckily I have some pain meds to use if it gets to be too much, and wine...wine numbs a lot. LOL!! Of course not together, silly! Do you take me for a thrill seeker? Well, okay, most days I am not but that is not how I get my thrills. Pain is exhausting.

Now that this project is *mostly* done and there no longer a time crunch, I can work on the March calendar block and a couple Spring Rug Mugs that I am swapping with my friend Bellezza.  

Vday Astash-attack
For Vday, I went to Joanns and bought  nearly $50 worth of remnants. This is how I obtain my fabric. I haven't been able to buy any for a while so this was a nice treat for myself. Most of them yesterday were in full one yard lengths and there was a lot of batiks this time. Cheapest way EVAR to get batiks since remnants are half off the stickered price.
 Then I went to the grocery and bought some King Crab for myself for dinner, which was $4 off on sale. The joys of single-hood! I buy good food and it's all MINE. LOL!

It's tax return time so for once, money is not an issue, for the time being. I've paid off several lingering bills and have one more to pay off once the second half of my returns arrive. Less monthly bills means more money to save for moving time. Which, by the way we have decided to wait another year so that we CAN save because we both have so much shit to move. If you haven't seen that post, a friend of mine and I are moving into a rental house together. 

So now I'm pooped, and the neighbors dog has been barking up a storm. 
Yay apartment living...not.
Time to turn up those tunes and board up those new remnants.


What's that!!?

Until next time...
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  1. Helloooo!

    Hope you are feeling better! Pain "stinks"! Anyhoo, love the group of fabrics you have put together!

    hugzzzzz and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Helloooo!

    Hope you are feeling better! Pain "stinks"! Anyhoo, love the group of fabrics you have put together!

    hugzzzzz and Happy Valentine's Day!


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