Milkweed fiber, AGAIN, after 8 years!


What? What, happened??
I'm at it again.

Click here for the original post about harvesting Milkweed for fiber. (opens in a new window)

I was on a bike ride and saw this HUGE swatch of swamp land that was mowed over for one reason or another and in the mess, where TONS of cut down milkweeds. Such a waste.

 So I went in after them and collected this mighty pile of cut down milkweeds. I checked the fresher ones for Monarch eggs and found three of them and one TINY 'piller.


Weeeeeeeeed, man.


And I saw this fuzzy wuzzy on several of the mostly dead milkweeds and decided to bring it home. Apparently they are 'pillers of the tussock moth. They may get put back out in the wild, on a live milkweed that has no Monarch eggs or 'pillers. With four Monarchs, they are gonna be a handful to feed on top of the silk worms on the way. Yes, I got that itch to grow silk again. It's just so damn FUN!! Now that I feel better, I want to do everything I used to enjoy ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It may prove to be a big mistake, but it keeps me busy, and motivated.

Tussock Moth 'Piller 

And while I was exploring all the butchered bits of swaplands, I found all these crane feathers! I think the one on the right is an Owl feather.

It was a crazy, adventerous day in the hot sun, but the wind was blowing pretty well most of the day so it kept me cooler and I had plenty of water with me. I did get a bit of a burn on my arms, but it's not too bad.  

Until next time...
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