Them Old Arts Charm

Well I am back at it again! Spinning, weaving, knitting....
On the Loom

I am bound and determined to finish those lace curtains I started nearly ten years ago. After some wrangling of the threads that had been sitting in the loom, half threaded, for nearly as long, the first panel is being woven. I made a few mistakes in threading, bit that's okay. It doesn't have to be perfect and I am okay with that.

I've also bought several new wool fleeces in the last month. One Merino and one Babydoll. Sheep and wool festival is this weekend and I can't wait to go again. I'm sure I'll bring home at least one more fleece and then that'll be the extent of my expenditures until my cards are paid up. Second half of the year is always about working to pay off the accumulated summer bills. I have plenty to keep me busy.

I tried fermenting some fleece ( a very ancient, and slow, way of processing fleece that requires no hot water or soap), but my first fleece still stinks of the suint water. Not sure if maybe it got too hot while away camping or it sat for too long or what. I moved the buckets of fermenting wool to the garage to keep them out of direct sun and added a fresh batch of Merino to it. If it comes out smelling horrible again, I guess I'll dump the majority of the water out and start with fresh rain water. From what I've read, the smell shouldn't stick. But it has and it's not very pleasant AT ALL. I may have to give a soaking in some cold water and see if that helps any. It was so pungent that it stuck to my skin even after several washings. Word to the wise....use gloves.

Fall is definitely around the corner. It's a chilly one today with lots of rain.

Do you know about Spinzilla?  I've registered and am apart of the team "Team ZuZu Beans and Blue Moon's Twisted Spinners"  They just happen to be a group I am apart of on facebook and they are a chatty bunch. I've enjoyed the re-immersion into the fiber arts world.

Mississippi River!
Mississippi Selfie

Went camping last weekend with a close friend of mine and got to see the Mississippi on the way home. It was a grand adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had thunderstorm wake up calls at 4am on three of the four mornings we were camping. LOL!! I enjoyed the storms, my friends were not as giddy about them.

Did I mention I am also raising silkworms again?
Oh yes, yes indeed. I'll have eggs soon and I wouldn't mind sharing. :)

What is it about the old arts charm? I love it so much. Can't wait to get back to my lace knittings.

Until next time...
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