My first commission!

Lots of things have happened since my last post which was pretty dark in feeling.

I recently fractured my back while working so I have been off for a month, healing. The physical therapy is helping A LOT. I can't say too much about it right now since it is a workers comp dealio.

So I've been thinking about getting back into blogging but I have this thing that I do...I really want to blog, but then I get to composing a post and then I write-and-write-and-write so much that by the end it's a flappin books worth. So, I'm going to keep things simple, short and sweet. That way I don't overwhelm myself, or the reader, with so many words.

I kept seeing posts on a Facebook group about commission spins where a grower sends a spinner fiber (raw or washed, but definitely skirted) and the spinner gets to keep a percentage of the fiber for themselves in exchange for sending a percentage of the spin yarn back to the grower. And the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to try it! So I joined up with the Facebook group "Spin a Pound, Get a Pound". It took several weeks to get the OK and become an "approved" spinner by their standards. Along the way, I've not heard very good things about the moderators, and the rules are extensive, but necessary and mostly common sense stuff.  I think I will not let the opinions of others (who may or may not have abided by the group rules) sway mine opinion until I have had my own experiences.
OOOooo yummay!

My first commission is a luscious three pounds of white Suri Alpaca blanket. The trade is 60/40, 60 going to the spinner. AWESOMESAUCE!! So generous!
The grower wants it dyed magenta so I am working on that today. It's been quite a bit of work just to get the fiber mostly clean, and some dirt is being stubborn.

I've almost worked my way through three pounds of Jacob I acquired at last years Fiber Festival, stretching that by blending it with alpaca and spinning it very fine for lace. I plan to spin the Suri as a lace or fingering yarn since the grower said "spinners choice". So far I am feeling very good about it and I LOVE the feel of the Suri. I may just like this working for fiber thing!

Have wheel, will spin for fiber. LOL!

Until next time...

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