Oh tis it Mabon already? Seems like the cheerful months of summer have passed even more quickly this year than the last. I'm a year older, and so is everything else. I had this awful feeling of foreboding the last couple days, and I think it is tied into the newest of record hurricanes, Rita. Last one was Katrina...what happened to L, M, N, O, P, and Q for names? Huh! Oh well.

So I am putting together a nice mabon ritual for myself. I plan on using objects to mark the quarters, using a black and white candle because between now and Samhain (Hallows) is a time of balance (ying and yang concept). I will want to recount all the things I have nutured in myself over the past summer, and those things which were not fruitful, and what I hope to reap in the next year. This is also a time to plan next years garden. I want to plant acorn squash and pumpkins next year along with garlic over the winter.
This is also a time of giving thanks. So I want to have some of my cucumbers from my garden to eat myself and some to share with the earth and her creatures.
I am planning on making Blackberry Wine/Mead also as it will be ready by Samhain if made soon. I will use a process uses natural yeasts to ferment the must (must = fermenting liquids) and hope that it comes out OK. I accidently made some fruit mead by leaving a summer blend fruit drink out for a week. I have about a cup of fermented and alcohol fruit flavored mead! I will use this along with some apple juice in my Holiday ritual.
I also want to do several apple spells for the dark months ahead. One for a protected hearth and home, and one to dispel negativity, and one that will help me nuture my studies as I begin Cella (a priestessing program with the local RCGI).
I don't think I will invoke any particular Deities, as this will make it simpler for me to do. Just a general saying of the past year and the coming past months.

Autumn Incense:

2 parts sweet grass

1 part each of:

cedar wood


juniper berries

Until next time...

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