Radio Survey, Money Woes, and Crafts

So the local z104 station ws doing a Connie and Fish poll asking people that if they had to decide upon right now, are you happy, what would you say.
I'd have to say that, I am satisfied with everything, but I could be happier. The boyfriend is sometimes unattentive, uncaring, and just plain a pain in the ass. Money is tight, but I assume it is for everyone these days. Some days I am happy, and others I just hate everything. Normal woman hormones I suppose.

Two weeks before the RCGI Hallows Gathering, our truck needs a new oxygen sensor. And in the meantime, it is being a major chow-hound. I read that the oxygen sensor detects how much O2 and CO2 is in the exhaust and it tries to keep a balance that creates less emissions and at the same time creating great MPG. Well, sense ours is shot, it is not detecting these levels incorrectly and it is telling the computer in the engine to guzzle gas. When it takes almost half a tank to go 20 miles across town on the highway, something is seriously wrong!

We took the truck to Firestone, because we have a credit card there, and we charged $200 for them to do a diagnosis and tell us what we already knew. They are charging $80 an hour for labor! *faints* The damned dealers don't even charge that much!!! So we ordered the part from them only because I really do not know what to purchase for the truck, and that is going to be around $131 just for the sensor. The boyfriend is confident that he can install it himself, so we are going half on the part and he is installing it before the Hallows weekend so that I can travel with peace of mind and better MPG.

Fair to say, we hate Firestone because they charge so much, and it is no secret that the general public considers them frauds and they try to scare you into gettin services done that are not nessecary, but we have credit with them and that's what counts. There is no way we could get anything fixed if it weren't for the card...damned it. Oh and not only that, the first tune up we had them do, they put in the wrong spark-plug because at the time they did not have the correct one (can you say WHA?!), and there was a noticable loss in power. Grrrrrrr! And the techs on the west side are so uninterested in anything but getting your money. I would not be surprised if they go so far as to sabotoge vehicles so they can get the buisness. Boy howdy the first time I even suspect that, they are gonna get burned big time.

I made some yule scented, hot-process, lye soap today. The cloves smell wonderful! One of my good friends invited me out to lunch, her treat. She's a good friend and I am lucky to have finally found another good friend. We get along so well, and our moons are both the same...Capircorn. Yah I can spel....NOT! Spellcheck? What's that?

I have been diligently making tarot bags and dream catchers to sell at the Hallows Gathering as another close friend offered me space on her vending table. Is my money rune spell working? I'd like to think so. They can be found at my website, although small and mostly unknown, it is there.


I do not have any dream catchers up there yet, but as soon as I get some completed, I will post a few for examples. I like to make things custom made. If you want a particular pattern, just ask! Special orders must be paid half in advance though, to insure that the sale does not fall through.

Until next time...

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