Home-made mead, Wierd Wisconsin Weather

WHEW! That mead I made is something else! It turned out simi-dry and simi-sweet with blackberry undertones...whew! One glass and I am finding it difficult to type correctly! Horray for home=made mead! *hick*

WWW....wacky wisconsin weather...it has been 85 degrees the past two days and it is just stiffling in our appartment. The landlord turned on the heat several weeks ago, and since there is no way to turn it completly off (steam heating...yuck!), when I come home after work it is soooooooooooo hot in here! I am practically naked! *fox-whistle*

Fromt his point out they say it will cool off like a normal fall season. Oh boy! So instead of beotching about the heat, we'll be beotching about the cold.

I still have yet to get garlic in the ground. I guess I will wait till the cold arrives.

Until next time...*hick*

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