Finding Neverland...and finding my own Neverland

We watched Finding Neverland last night and it was a wonderful story about a man with a very vivid child-like imagination. The ending was very sad though, I hate sad endings. And here lately I have had an urge to write stories of my own again. But I am so busy with making dream catchers and tarot bags to sell at Hallows weekend that I haven't the time to write. I could make time...but the days go so quickly! I craft a little, then do spell work, then cook something to eat, work, come home, do more crafting, cook something to eat, watch a little tv or a movie, then hit the hay. WHEW!

I have many things I want to add to my BOS, and I will get around to putting one hand written item in it each day. I am making a commitment and a small one at that.

I have felt very optimistic these past few days. I went to bed last night after watching Finding Neverland and I was filled with a happiness I could not explain! I love it! I wanted to dream wonderful dreams, but instead I dreamed about my teeth falling out again. *sigh* That's no fun. I know my body is talking to me, but there is not a thing I can do about my teeth. I have no insurance nor can I afford it on my own. I cannot get assistance from the government and mainly because I am a single woman without children. Funny how the government likes to punish woman who don't want children when they should encourage woman to stop having children to prevent over population. The world is already over populated and with many who are starving and dying. *sigh* I hate this government and it's rediculous policies.

I heard a rumor on the net that Bush and Chaney are being taken to court on some account over the war and other stupid things they havedone. If it is true, I say it's about time! If it be false, well damn it to hell! LOL

Until next time...

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  1. JUst been reading your blog and thought I'd say HI!!! I loved Finding Neverland also, but found the ending sad, too. The kids took us to see War of the Worlds a few weeks ago and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it...now there is a great remake.
    We're leaving next week sometime for the wonderful desert. Alan doesn't want to spend all the time in the same place we were last year, but it's all desert and beautiful rock formations no matter where you go around Lake Mead anyway. Maybe this year we'll see some mountain goats.


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