Oye I have felt all blah-like today. Feeling discouraged and kinda phasey. Maybe it is the murcury retrograde and the full moon together.
And I was feeling quite over-whelmed and discouraged over Cella. There seems to be so much to do and so much that I'll never get it all done in time for next semester. I talked to Gemini about it and she said I only have to do one maybe two things for each section. Even now as I write I have a knot in my stomach...how am I gonna get it all done! AH! Okay...so I already have two...three...four maybe more already out of the way:

Environment-Highway Cleanup, vermicomposting, switching to a motion sensor for the hallway light

Organization, Administration and Leadership-helping with the MAP group and organizing the highway cleanup, organizing the events at MAP,helping with madPUC

Creativity: Moccasins; candles, soap, and the various other things I make by hand from scratch (when possible). I think my experince more than covers this one.

Ritual: Take account of all the rituals I have done since I joined Cella: 2 at Samhain gathering, one at PPD, and the one coming up for Yule...that's four out of eight required.

Music and Dance: I drum, play the violin (although not as well as I did in middle school), didgi, and I someday plan on purchasing an indian flute. I attend a singing circle to drum.

Divination: I use tarot, runes, witches runes

Hummm...that is six less than I thought I had to do. Yippie!

Until next time...

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