Mars retro again?

Oh my golly-gosh! And boy am I noticing it. Everyone is in a fighting mood today. The mechanic at work was all pissy because I asked about better wipers. The he treats me like am amateur and tells me how to get the ice out from the wipers. Hello! Not an amateur at this job! Ugh. Men. I bumped into the bible thumper at walmart last night (oh the evil word!), and he told me that farm and barn had pairs of winter wiper blades on sale for the price of one at walmart. Cool. Went there and sure enough, a pair for $8...what a deal! So I bought those for the truck. Maybe I'll go the extra mile and get a pair of the damned van too. Mechanic guy was like every day he sees the same vehicles claiming to need the more washer fluid. I'm like, you haven't seen this one...and then he interrupts and said yes he did see it, last week. And I said, it wasn't for washer fluid. He shut his mouth then. I blew up, I said don't be taken your bad day out on me. If the company would let the drivers do it, then he wouldn't be so busy with everyone. He said he wasn't getting upset at me, he just had a lot to do. Well yah, your the mechanic...there is always something that needs to be done all the time. I can sympathize with that.

Then on one of my lists people are all getting defense over the discussion over the walmart conspiracy. Then I found a note on the front door to the apartment building and one of the new tendents was callint eh neighbor above me a key thief because he took the key out of the door last night. Well...the key was in the door, and the key this morning was on the bulletin board above the mailboxes. I wrote over the note in black sharpie that the key was there, jump to conclusions often? Then I left another note under the key in the board asking "why would someone who lives in the same building want to "steal" another persons front door key? Think about it. For future reference, lost items are posted onto this board by your thoughtful neighbors. The guy with the truck (as she referenced to him in her nasty door note) is a nice man, not a thief. Your friendly neighbor in Apt 2". How paranoid is that? Well they are still fairly new to this place, and the lady that lives with this new man seems like a real bitch. But that is just my first impressions.

So I started an exercise routine. Nothing new. I am doing sweating to the oldies for 20 minutes everyday in an attempt to loose some weight and get my heart into better condition. I run out of breath so easily and I don't know if it is my ashama or my heart.

My worms seem to be doing better, thankfully. And I went to the library yesterday on state street and checked out three books on goddesses and mythology. Who knew mythology would be so interesting! I am soaking it up like a sponge!

Until next time...

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