Meditation: Songs in my head...

I just came out of a short meditation, and I've got this song in my head that I have never hear before. It was song on a low cord at first, then more and more voices joined in and it went just a little higher. They sung:

"There are many Bodies...On this Precious Earth..." This repeated and repeated...then, the phone rang. UGH! I thought I had unplugged that nuscense. I am not finding anything on the web with this song. If someone happens to know it out there, please leave me a comment on it. I am quite purplexed. IN my quest for which Goddess to reasearch next, I saw the Wilendorf Goddess, one of the oldest known Goddesses. So she will go into my books next.

I want to jot down what I did to get into this meditative state. I drummed for awhile, with an orange candle lit. I burned a lavender stick and smudged the room with it before placing it into a holder. After drumming randomly for about 10 minutes, I relaxed and went to a simple heartbeat. Da, da....da, da....da, da.....

Very relaxing.

Until next time...

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