I am attempting to learn how to dreamweave so last night I set an intention on the type of dream I wanted to have. I wanted to get a message for a goddess to research, and then I wrote down that I was going to remember what I dreamed and while I was dreaming I would change the color of something small. Well I didn't make it to changing the color of anything. I dreamed about driving down a stretch of backroads and getting a flat tire and having to drive to the nearest gas station to get it fixed. When I got to a gas station, the tire was shredded and could not be repaired and I had no money to get a new tire. Now, ironically enough, we are having to buy a new tire for the truck because there was a gash in the meat of one of the back of the tires that was causing it to leak. We had them switch the spare out and we planning on getting a new one this weekend and putting the spare back under the truck.

Seems like I need to research a pleasureable Goddess, one who takes time for herself. So far I have only done mostly war or vengeful goddesses. I need to balance that out with a pleasureable Goddess, an abundance or prosparity Goddess, and a love goddess. I think I may stick with the European pathion as they seem to facinate me more than any other and they pop up more than any other. I identify with Freya very well.

I just read that seeing a gas station in a dream indicates a need to reenergize and revitalize yourself. So that would coincide with the flat tire. Without all four tires I cannot go anywhere. The tire is the base of any automobile, the feet so to speak. I know I feel like I am being pulled into many directions and I have many things to get down before the Holidays arrive. Then I need to re-bless my ghost repelling amulet because strange things have been happening in the bedroom again. I did cleanse it the other day and I have had no nightmares or strange experiences in there since. I think there was pent up energy from the reverse mirror spell from last week.

I need to take a chill pill and take time for myself for a couple of days to re-energize. Ironically enough, again, there was a re-energizing spell that I had found in a book I recently borrowed from the library. Hint-hint, my Higher Self says. LOL!

And I worry about the number of worms that seem to be dying off in my worm bin. The mold mites are everywhere in it and I think the numbers are too high for the wormies comfort. I found some white pot worms as I was digging in it today. The bottom is really wet so I am leaving the top off for a couple days streight, if I can stand the smell. The smell is being caused by not enough bedding, and too much moisture. most of the bigger worms seem to be happy and just the juviniles are dying. I've seen many babies in the past few days.

Until next time...

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