I have been having nightmares since I did a reverse mirror spell last Friday. I'm sure the two are linked as I do not have nightmares often, let alone three days in a row. So I did a bedroom cleansing and blessing. Cleaned the bedroom, dusted, changed sheets all while buring some sage incense. Then made a peaceful sleep sachet to put under the matress and burned some sandalwood incense in closing. We'll see how this works. I was quite passionate with the spell because it was fueled by anger and rage. Got what I deserved I guess.

I tried to meditate last night to do some dream journeying, but every time I try to do it, something falls and brakes me out of it. I dreamed about that the other night. I vaguely remember it but I remember trying to meditate but just as I start to drift something kept pulling me back. Grrr, how frustrating! I was on the verge of getting that floating feeling when Mikie's board of dragon necklaces just happen to fall over and scare the living shit out of me. And of course after that I cannot relax nearly as well. My amulet is supposed to scare off the little buggers from bothering me. I need to bless it by the new moon to refresh it.

I tried to meditate during the day between routes. I lit a purple candle, place it in front of me on a table and drummed a single beat. Da, da, da-da-da, da, da-da-da, da, da is how it went. Well I felt like toning so I tried but I cannot, at this point, keep a beat going and tone. But after about five minutes of toning the drum seemed to tone on it's own! It was very nice. Then I had to take a break because my arms were aching. The flame was dancing all about...never seen a flame do such a thing. But, as always nothing came to me and I experienced nothing out of the ordinary other than drying out my contacts from starring into space for too long. *sigh* The only messages I get are when I sleep. But lately the nightmares have been about war, death, and my damned teeth falling out. ARGH! I know my fucking teeth are not healthy...stop rubbing it into my brains!!

Thanksgiving was....OK. Got some free food from Mikies Dad. I don't get him...he hasn't even spoken about his mother. I feel so bad for her to have two sons who never call her up. I could not imagine ever doing that to my mother. She and I are so close. I don't understand how anyone could not be...being the vessal of their life and all.

Checked the worm bin last night and I noticed I have an over abundance of mold mites. Harmless...but annoying none-the-less. So the remedy, as I read online, is to decrease the amount of moisture in the bin. So I add a big layer of dry shredded paper waste to the bin. This morning most of it is wet, so my bin is a little too wet.

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