Rune Casting Tray

Divination Tray
Woh-hOOo! I'm almost finished with my rune casting tray. I just want to decorate the outside of it and then seal the outside. The tray bottom was made by using crackle medium. Gold on the bottom than blue on top. Then I put a thick layer of glaze on top of all that to give it some depth and the look of a glass top. The heart symbolizes the heart of the matter being asked about.
Here is my sample casting for this week:
The upside-down runes I ignore. There are the trio of birds near the heart, and in the bottom section which is for Catylists. The double rings is way up top in the section for stability, and lastly the moon WAY off into the distance in the void which is for future outside influences.

So to interpret, a catalyst is One that precipitates (or cause to happen) a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences. So these birds signify something that is gonna happen. My notes tell me that the trio of birds carry a message of some unexpected news that may alter your life completely (eep!), particularly if this rune leads. Oye. Yah it's a lead being so close to the heart.

Next would be those rings in the upper quadrent in stability. This is the rune of love. It can also mean engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship about to emerge, sometimes speaking of the need to refresh and find a new approuch in an existing partnership. Huh...very interesting.

Last, but curtainly not least would be that Moon where out there in the future. The four marks represent the four main phases of the moon, and accordingly you can expect changes to occure within the next 28 days. This stone is particularly feminine and often appears in response to questions about womans issues such as menses or pregnancy. This rune is a messenger; telling you to be aware that big changes are coming to your life. Whether that change will be positive or negative is best found by relating it to the rune closest to it.

Well there is nothing close to it...and Goddess I hope I don't somehow become pregnent...that is the last thing I would ever want. I have gone to great lengths to NOT become pregnant, and if somehow it were to happen I don't think it would live for very long with my IUD still in.

So something big may be heading my way, and a renewal of love, within the next 28 days? Okay now I am anxious...but nothing is written in stone. That's didn't help me any.

Until next time...

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