Oooo what's this little nich....AHhhhhhh! It's the light! Run!! (Worms on the run)

Hummm, when I checked on the bin this morning, I found three worms had made thier way into the handle reservor. Wonder why they did that? The book says that it may be the initial shock to the new environment, or that there is something vibrating the bin. Well...nothing is near the bin that would cause vibrations other than the computer speakers which are off at night. So it must be the shock. The book recommends leaving the lid off for a day while having a bright light on. The worms don't like light and will burrow deeper into the bedding. And so that will be my course of action while watching the moisture level. Sure enough when I put the plant light on the opened bin, the three worms in the handle high-tailed it down to the bottom and in thier little minds...saftey. Look at them go!

I buried pomogranite scraps last night in #2 spot and sprayed the surface lightly with some water.

The other day when I was looking for my Worms Eat My Garbage, I had considered doing a finding lost objects spell because by that time I had been looking for it for two days. I was also sick, so I decided against it because I didn't have the energy to do it. So instead, I just sat in the puter chair and wondered where the heck it had gone to, or if I had given it away. I bought it at a rummage sale two years ago. Then while sitting there, an image flashed in my head of where it was. It was only a millisecond flash, but I knew exactly where to look. The image was of the plastic bin on the very bottom self of the far bookcase behind my altar supply table. Sure enough, there it was under some papers in the plastic bin! Amazing. Psychic skills at work yet again...and while I was sickly. Unfortunately this has not worked in finding my good fabric scissors, the ones I paid $20 for. Grrrr...I'll have to try that lost objects spell when I am better.

Vaccumed the apartment today...and now I suddenly have loads and loads of energy. It was either the exercise of vaccuming or the act of cleaning the place that has lifted my mood so much. It smells nicer, looks nicer and the sun is shining away. Ahhhh....

BF wants me to make some more beef stew. He really loves that crock-pot recipie I have. That makes me feel good. I will wait until after pub night this friday night to get the veggies needed to make sure I have enough to have fun on.

My silly Luna Bird pecks on her cage door to let me know she wants out. When I let her out, she flys somewhere, snuggles down, and just sits there watching me. LOL Silly bird.
My Luna all settled down to take a nice nap outside of her home. Wierd bird.
Until next time...

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