Had a strange dream last night. I was some royal helper in a distant land where the houses and buildings and such were made of stones and dirt. I had replaced items on an altar to suit my own tastes when the royalty was out of town. I had learned that they were coming back to town to visit the altar so I was working very hard to put things back into place with the old stuff before they arrived. I had a lot of stuff on it so I just started flinging things into a fabric bag. I had almost everything placed into the bag when they arrived unexpectedly.

The man, king-prince-whatever one would call him, was very upset and yelled for someone to bring his sword. I ran. I was chased through this city and eventually I ran so far away that the building turned into modern cement, metal beams, and siding. They still chased me.Everytime I would find a hiding place, they would somehow know I was there and I would run again. There was never time to rest or take it easy. At one point in the dream I had a friend who was running with me, away from the same men. Now the men were dressed in black suits and looked like the guys from the Prison Break series. Those agents who tried thier darnedest to cover up the setup and go so far as to breaking every single law because they were above it.

There was a point in the dream where I hid in a retail building that was all wood. Wood floors, walls and cielings. The palce was a maze and we found ourselves a nice little nich in the back of the building behind several rooms and doors. We covered ourselves in viels to hide our outline. We thought we may have outsmarted them when a light came on in the room that we were hiding in a closet of. The light shown through the poorly built shack like place. We could see the utline of the men as they slowly walked around the room and eventually stopped in front of the closet area were we were hiding. Weboth sat very still and even went so far as to hold our breaths so that we would not move. But of course, there was one more door to got through and after they left the room we went though that door and it lead to the outside.

Later in the dream I have "followers" and the roles were now reveresed. We were hunting the men, who had taken some innocent hostage and had threatened to kill her unless we gave ourselves up. Well of course we would never do that so we trapped them in a building. They hide in a smallish room with no furniture that was under a stair case. They somehow lured the followers into the room and injected them with something that made it easy to brainwash them into believing I was the enemy. So when I entered the room they encircled me, glared at me, and then started to cut me with razor blades when I realized something was not quite right. ONly they tried to cut me in the lower back area. Not sure why.

But I made it out of the circle of the bainwashes and ran outside where I found one of the men who we had been chasing. He tells me that he does not agree with what the other man is doing and wants to help in capturing him. Well, I said, he has baricaded himself in that room under the stairs and there is no way we can get to him with the others in there all brainwashed. Then we came up with the brilliant idea of chopping through the ceiling of the room with an axe. He would not be able to leave because he had barricaded himself in there, so it would be an easy catch. So this man runs through the room with the brainwashed razer blade armed men, runs up the stairs to the top of the room and starts to hack away. The zombie people started to make thier way to them and I rushed in with a sword and started chopping them up. They dissapeared as I hacked then into peices.

That was the end of that scene. Next I was walking away from the building and to the truck which was parked several blocks away. I walked out to the curb and tried to fly. When I failed, I said to myself: I know I am dreaming and all I have to do is know this and I will be able to fly.

I took off and woke up. DAMNED IT! LOL

What a dream! I know it means something but I don't have the time to look into it today.

Until next time...

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