An amazing thing...

An amazing thing happened between the BF and I last night. While talking about exploring some avanues of fun for couples, he became very uncomfortable and got that look about him when he wants to say something, but is afraid too. I poked a little, prodded a little more and still he would not talk. I told him, we've been through this routine a million times...he doesn't talk, I get frustrated over it, and eventually I blow my top at him for it. But then, a mental image of a situation popped into my head. I inquired if that was the situation he was thinking about....YES it was. Amazing. I reassured him that things would be ok if we decide to switch roles. He was afraid that I would tie him up and then leave him there-hot and bothered. I would never do that in such a situation. Although he says I tend to turn him on and then leave him that way...I'm being affectionate, what I call being affectionate anyways (nibbling, hugging, kissing...) and I guess that is all a big turn on. Slap me silly already!

If I have any phychic ability, it is strongest with the BF. I've been told that it is that way because my shields are completely down around him. Well, they ought to be!

Until next time....

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