Ball Winder

I finally got myself a ball winder and it has made reeling silk much-much-much 10X faster and easier. I did 30 cocoons last night in about 30 minutes when before it was taking about 2 hours! What a jump!

But when I tried to ply six TP rolls full of silk, I found three of them were stuck together (the silk was that is) and I was unable to reel it. I cannot find the end on one, so I will have to cut it, card it and spin it. I like the lumpy silk yarn I get from silk this way. It's very decorative-good for small things like charm pouches/bags.

The winder cost almost ten dollars more than I was quoted, but it's going to my LYS which is still fairly new around here, so it will help them along, and I become a valued customer. I've almost spent $200 there over the summer already! SHeez! Adds up quick! But I think a reason why it may have been higher is that I am pretty sure they are paying fuel surcharges that they are trying to make up for.

I've finally got the continental knitting down, and it is quite a bit faster to knit using that method than what I was doing. I learned from a DVD and I was just following what they were doing. They didn't teach continiental knitting, but the English throwing method. They really ought to not start people out like that. It may be easier but it is hard to learn the other method later on. It's taken me weeks to get the method down pat.

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