Blog Template woes

I've been trying to customize my blog look, but things are not working so well. The image, as you can see, is cut off and it doesn't seem to matter what settings I change. When I preview it before saving changes...it looks the way I want it: The picture to the right fully visable, blog title to the left, and description slightly off center and to the left. When I save and publish it, I be damned it doesn't look like I did a damned thing. This blog is so complicated and hard to customize!

Grrrrrr, if you have any tips for me, I'd appriciate a heads up.

Until next time...

1 comment:

  1. The image seems okay to me so I guess you've fixed that probelm by now. Two months ago I heavily modified my blog so might be able to help you if you still have some questions. http:/www.bluejayedesigns.blogspot.com


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