Over the weekend the BF and I visited Olbrich gardens to see their butterflies. They didn't have many this time, although we are late in the exibit dates. They also had a daylilly sale going on and I found a wonderful miniture one called Velvet Power. It has small deep purple velvet flowers that are about 2.5 inches big. I planted those today in the corner of our rock wall. I had to move the morning glory "tree" over, but I think it will look wonderful next year. I think I may plant some of those morning glory seeds along the rock wall next year. It'd look wonderful all vined up!

I added new bedding to the worm bin, the lazy man style. I just placed it on top of the already composted material on the bottom. The worms will move up on thier own. At the moment they are all congregated around the apples I put in there last week. They LOVE apples.

The silkworms are starting to spin now, even though I am throwing more of them out each day as I find them sickly. Well at least I will get plenty more silk to work with. I am still tweeking out my methods. So far using the expensive ball winder works best.

The Polythemus eggs have not hatched yet...can't wait till they do.

My cable scarf is getting bigger by the day and I went and bought *slaps self* the circular needles I need to start on a cabled hat. I want to make one from the wool I am spinning, which is blue, to match my blue work coat.

Until next time...

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