Completed Skien Winder! Finally.

Completed Skien Winder! Finally.
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We finally found a way to add a hand crank to the skien winder! We as in the BF and I. The hand crank is secured with a screw through a PVC endcap that runs into the dowel. I capped the other end just for aesthetics. It works really well (got some of my freshly dyed yarn on it). If you want to build one like it, all the basic parts you can see. You will also need a drill with a 1/2 inch hole borer and a 7/8 hardwood dowel for the center rod. A PVC pipe cutter makes the process go a lot smoother and quicker...I only found the gadget recently. Wish I had found it sooner as I was using a saw and a miter box to cut! Oh what a pain in the A**!!
I bought the PVC pipe at a resale shop for a quarter a piece for four feet ( I think I bought six...all they had at the time). The dowel was under a dollar. Screws we already had...but would cost under a buck at menards. I had to buy the 45 degree elbows x 2 at about .30, and I bought all the other joinings at the resale shop at .05 each. With the special PVC pipe cutter that comes too....a whole lot less than anything commercially bought...PVC or not. I like being thrifty, I kinda half to be.

Unitl next time...

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  1. Marcel Harrell8:44 PM

    A really fine looking winder. Good job!


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