I am so sick...

Now usually I am a nice happy go lucky type of gal...but I've got some venting to do. I dispise, with every bone in my body, dictatorships-especially when it is displayed on group or forums. The most often and classic reply is "A lot of people are on digest..." BLAH-BLAH-BLAH, heard it before and still don't buy into it.

Give me a break...people on digest...if they are whinning about the volume, they are just whinners!!! You go on digest to lessen the volume-not bitch about it when on digest too!

And if I want to reply with a one liner, I WILL!

  • Cool beaners!
  • Thanks! or Thank you.
  • That's cool!
  • Any number of one liners I use on a daily basis.

  • Yet when I ask politely to be removed from being moderated because I had been a member for three months, I get some snot face grumpy butt giving me a licture on group edicate. THE FUCK WITH EDICATE! It's THE INTERNET you freaks, get over it. When I find myself apart of such a group, I list them on a blog (elsewhere) as such and warn others of it, and then I remove myself from it. I will not be a stiff neck because some group or forum owner wants to play Mommy with me. I have one, don't need another one.

    Ahhhhhhhhh okay I feel better now. Now I know there are those looking for a fight so I've dissabled comments on this post.

    Until next time...