I was struck by lightening...

I kid you not. Lightening struck a tree not far from our apartment, I was standing by the patio door, leaning on it, and I recieved one hell of a jolt. Owwww-wa! Ran up my right leg and exited through my right hand back into the patio door. My only reaction-screaming. I screamed and stumbled backwards somewhat dissorintated.

Besides scaring the living shit out of me, my leg feels like the rements of a charely-horse, my toes are still tingly after an hour, and I just feel funny.

Nothing like being hit by lightening....oye. I now have a new appriciation for the power of a severe thunderstorm.

Until next time...


  1. I read your Knitting Chicks post about yarn bra. So I clicked on the link to your blog. I was pleased to find another Wiccan knitter. And I was delighted to see the post about the free amulet bag pattern. Before I got back into knitting, I was doing a lot of bead weaving with Delica beads and I enjoyed beading amulet bags most.

    I'm in awe of you getting struck by lightning and living through it. You must be Blessed!


  2. Yah I suppose. :) My leg and arm tingles when storms approach now. LOL I am having some trouble walking long distance, I hope the muscles heal soon. I really enjoy my walks to the coffee shop.


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