Next Project: Weaving on a Navajo Style Loom

I got this book from the library: Navajo Techniques for Today's Weaver by JOanne Mattera published once in 1975 and I was reading this last night while I soaked my swollen foot in cold bath water. I dunno why my foot swells, but it seems to do so when I am very active during the day. It swells half way up my calf and it feels numb from it. I've been able to control it by soaking my foot in cold water with epson salt and taking an asprin. It's wierd.

ANyway, off track...I started to read it last night and I could not put it down! I ended up reading most of it by 1Am last night, skipping a few sections to hurry to the sections of how to. So I am gonna construct a small frame of about 22" wide by 36" long to do the sampler in the book. This is the perfect solution for the fiber I don't like the feel of.

Until next time...

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