Kool-Aid dyeing

I am trying this kool-aid urban dyeing thing. I found the above link (click the title) and loved the color of Pink Lemonaid. I was looking to dye some of my white roving a pinkish color so I could knit my 24 years old teddy bear, Pinky, a sweater.

Look at that! Isn't that amazing! It's sooooooooooooo easy!

First place your fiber into a bath of hot tap water while you prepare the rest (which isn't much). It's one packet kool-aid per ounce (I had exactly two ounces of fiber), heat water on the stove (or microwave)to just boiling, add kool-aid and stir until disolved. Add fiber, let water get back up to almost boiling, turn off heat, cover and let sit. This fiber obsorbed all the color in just over 20 minutes. I am so totally amazed!! No vinagar, no harsh or harmful powers...wow.

I went Witting today-early. Just as I was getting back home from getting coffee and a few groceries it started to rain and it hasn't stopped. I wanted to do solar kool-aid dying but the sun never came out today. The LYS has all thier fiber on clearance so maybe I will get a few more 4oz balls to dye this way.

I think I'll be walking in a rain coat to knit night tonight. It's just past 4PM and knit night begins at 6, and I leave about 5:30. The BF is going to the leather shop tonight so I am on my own. Oh well, a little rain never hurt anything.

Until next time...

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