Knitting and Walking

I've been walking down to the local coffee shop most everyday since I am out of work for three weeks, and I have been bringing my scarf along with me. It really makes the walk go quick and I liken it to reading and walking (something I used to do a lot of when I was a kid-walking to and from school). I can knit three inches on the way there and back, and the thing is getting sooooo long! I am almost through the first skien. Today on the way back I stopped at the LYS and bought some of their clearenced llama and mohair rovings to dye and spin...eventually. It's not realted to this cable KAL, but I was on a cable row and I stood just outside the door to the LYS-finishing the row. They noticed...said I was addicted. LOL!!

Knitting while walking also helps modivate me to walk more often-and that's just plain good for me. *big grin* I get more miles in walking and knitting (maybe I should shorten that to watting, or witting...I like Witting. :) than I do walking. My mind is always in ceaseless motion, and I get bored easily. Witting eliviates that greatly. OKAy...now I need to make myself a witting button...LMAO!!!

While out and about, I was feeling very connect to nature. I dunno what it was. I have felt very peaceful today. Wish it was a feeling I could have everyday.

Until next time...

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